About Us

Trenchless Pipe Repair should be safe, durable and a permanent solution; a CPL Tech expertise.

Only one name in the industry has the experience and reputation worthy of providing trenchless pipe repair and plumbing services. CPL Tech is a company built on core values and expertise. With more than  years of combined experience and proudly a Canadian-owned and operated company.

Plumbing Services

Whether you have plumbing needs at home or in the office, we offer a 24 hour, 7 day per week emergency service and are on call to provide you with reliable service, exactly when you need it.

Our experienced team of plumbers can handle both emergency and non-emergency services of any size or type. We have hand-picked and trained each technician to embrace our company culture and core values, from our Junior Technicians to our team leaders, ensuring each plumber learns the best practices in the industry while cultivating a strong passion for this highly technical field.

CPL Tech offers Toronto and the GTA emergency plumbing services for calls both large and small. Whether your problem is a malfunctioning home water heater or major leaking in a high-rise building, we have the experienced team members needed to address your concerns. We also provide non-emergency services, conducting routine maintenance and inspections so that we can help property managers stop problems before they even start. This saves our customers time, money, and resources by catching issues before they turn into disasters.

Pipe Lining Services 

Canada Pipe Lining Technologies started off as a re-pip contractor providing riser replacements with a strong knowledge of pipe layouts and technical designs for high rise buildings.

Our innovative approach to plumbing services brought us down the path to discover pipe lining services. Our company was committed to making this service part of our lives and our specialty. Today, we are now one of the best pipe lining contractors in the industry.

The difference between us and all our competitors is that we had the opportunity to acquire any of the competing systems. Careful research motivated us to pick the best system out there that allowed us to complete trenchless pipe repair and eliminate pinhole leaks.

Not only does our system restore the inner walls of your sewer lines and metal pipes, it also does not cause additional clogging, and will provide you with a long-lasting solution for your ageing plumbing system. Our technology has been developed, tried, and tested for years, based on the original systems successfully installed by APL and the US Navy throughout the 1980’s. The epoxy we use is of the highest quality, and is suited for a high rise building where extensive re-piping would be impractical and uneconomical.

Our Core Values

With each service we provide, we ensure that we build strong relationships with each of our clients, we hire and train our technicians based on a foundation of our core values:

We believe in giving honest information about the costs and services we provide, and in respecting our customers’ time and decisions. We deliver excellent, top-quality service, and we do so efficiently, so that you can get back to your normal duties as quickly as possible. Most important of all, we have a strong passion for our business, which we have carried with us for years, making us the top company for plumbing and pipe lining in Canada.


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