The Most Reliable Toronto Water Main Rehabilitation Services

Is Your Townhouse Complex At Risk?

Anyone who manages a townhouse complex has heard about or experienced water main breaks. Despite that the inconvenience of a break can be a serious financial and physical burden on a corporation it usually isn’t thought about until after a break happens.

In Toronto, Water Main Rehabilitation Services are delived best by Canada Pipe Lining Technologies Ltd.

Toronto Watermain Breaks

Watermain breaks are an unfortunately common occurrence that can take a toll on a community’s quality of life, as well as residents’ wallets. These costly and inconvenient repairs can often be eliminated with proper water main rehabilitation.

After a break is diagnosed, there are site evaluations, excavations, clean-ups, pipe removal, replacement, and re-filling of holes and dug-up areas. This process is costly and time-consuming. Not only is it an eye sore, it can also be extremely inconvenient for residents. Fortunately, CPL has the right innovation and experience in trenchless technology.

The CPL Solution!

CPL offers the “Trenchless Installation” of a Class IV Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP)


A Class IV lining is essentially a pipe within a pipe. They are designed to withstand MAOP for the design life of rehabilitation (typically 50 years). Class IV linings will work as a replacement pipe in case the host pipe fails and may provide a more economical and easier to install option in comparison with conventional replacement (open-cut) or pipe bursting.

Townhouse Complex Water Main Breaks?

If you manage or operate a condo corp townhome community, and have experienced one ore more water main breaks, it is most certainly worth contacting us to evaluate your water main rehabilitation needs. At CPL we can evaluate the current system and make a sensible recommendation. In the end, we can save your condo corp and residents significant time and inconvenience by preventing a watermain disaster before it strikes.

Contact CPL today. We will set up a consultation to discuss your needs and explain our solution in-depth, so that you can determine for yourself if our water main solution is the right move for your community.


  • CPL Tech has been providing reliable services with high technical expertise and on a timely basis. In addition to routine service calls, they have been involved with one very urgent situation at the Property, which was a water main break. Their technicians arrived on site and took ownership of the situation. Even before arriving on site, they had made the necessary calls and ensured the City was notified and got their representatives on site as deemed necessary. The water was contained and CPL Tech's technicians worked overnight to excavate and conduct the required repairs.
    Rima Goldshmidt, Property Controller – TSCC#1633


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