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Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of pipeline coating? We have some educational videos for you in order to help you understand what pipe lining services we offer, how it works, and what it can mean for you, your home, or your business.

In our first video, you will learn:

  • A little about the history of CPL and what makes us the Canada’s first choice in Pipe Lining;
  • The types of buildings where our services are available;
  • What repair methods were available prior to the development of pipelining technology;
  • How we provide pipe repairs without incurring additional restoration costs; and
  • The guarantees behind our pipe lining solutions.

In our second video, you will see

  • A feature about CPL done by The Environmental Report with Terry Bradshaw;
  • Our process for applying our pipelining technology, including cleaning and sandblasting, as well as other prep work;
  • The importance of water safety and the use of approved materials for application on pipes carrying potable water;
  • How the chemicals that make our water safe to drink can also cause damage to the copper pipes that carry the water to our homes and businesses;
  • How CPL provides an affordable, effective, and eco-friendly way to repair copper piping in your home or building; and
  • How CPL trains certified and licensed plumbers to specially apply the methods and processes used in our pipe lining services.

In our third video, you will find:

  • An informational segment about aging pipes and the CPL solution for restoring them.
  • How older buildings have older piping that is slowly degrading, and how these pipes can be repaired, even if there is a failure
  • Why metal piping corrodes with age, due to problems with things like manufacturing, installation, and handling;
  • The symptoms of problems in your piping, like rust or too much iron;
  • How epoxy lining is effective, affordable, and less time-consuming than a full re-piping project;
  • The 2 methods that CPL uses for pipe restoration; and
  • The process that CPL uses for diagnosing, cleaning, applying, and curing their epoxy lining solution within an aging pipe to restore it.

Through these videos, we hope to show you why CPL is one of the best pipeline service companies in Canada, and how we are dedicated to effective solutions that save you time and resources, while also benefiting the environment.

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We are happy to provide you with all of the information you require to determine whether our pipelining solution is the best fit for your needs.


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