Pinhole Leak Solutions

pinhole-leak-repairCPL is a pinhole leak repair specialist in Toronto. We have helped many of our customers eliminate costly and inconvenient repairs with our guaranteed solutions for
Toronto’s water main breaks.

We have rehabilitated over 1 million feet of high rise domestic hot water piping in Canada using our trenchless technology, doing work for thousands of satisfied customers and providing them with a comprehensive solution for their pinhole leaks.

Better Than New Pipes

The CPL system finishes the pipe interior with a food grade epoxy coating while incorporating the structural strength of the copper pipe. This combination creates a system that is more secure than plastic pipes without the corrosive properties of copper pipes.

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MTCC #544Why are Pinholes happening to my building?

Erosion of metal pipes serving the water and gas industry are common and inevitable when coming in contact with chemicals used to make your water safe to drink.

Harsh recirculation systems, rushed installations and environmental changes all have something to do with pinhole leaks. Most condo owners enjoy the convenience of instant hot water however the techniques used to keep the water hot create pitting which eats away at the interior of the copper pipe leading to a small pin sized hole thus the name pinhole leak.

What will pipe lining do for your High Rise?

  • End costly and disturbing water shut downs.
  • End damaging and expensive pinhole repairs.
  • Eliminate the need to destroy walls, backsplashes and finished surfaces.
  • Provide a BETTER than new pipe.
  • Save up to 30% when compared to traditional repipe methods.
  • A lifespan of beyond 50 years
  • The rehabilitation and rejuvenation of your domestic hot water system including main shut off valves.
  • Corrosion free risers!
  • Peace of mind for property managers and owners.

How Pipe Lining saves your water consumption?

As you can imagine the hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water wasted when a pinhole occurs, then a water shut down will have to occur for the repair to take place, and this usually means draining the building or riser to repair the copper pipes. This process done every day all around the GTA equals to millions of gallons of wasted water per year.

Don’t let you building fall under this statistics, take the proactive approach and ensure your domestic hot water system is free from pinholes and will never require a building shut down for pinhole repairs again!

When you first have a pinhole, you may not even realize it. It can slowly creep into your walls, carpeting or internal systems without much warning, and then one day you’re left with a massive problem. Other times, customers are lucky enough to notice that there’s some sort of a problem early on—either way, when it’s a pinhole, it’s not going to be something easily detectable.

These problems often occur in already hard to reach places, leaving you with heavy duty repair bills.

Our expert, licensed team has the tools and technology to detect these problems as fast and efficient as possible.

All our service technicians have received top notch training, and are equipped with cutting edge equipment.

Our goal is to preserve your property and solve the problem, before it becomes something bigger.

Copper pipe leak repair in general can be a financial burden. The type of materials needed to patch it up are often few and far between, or materials are misused and the problem is only temporarily solved. In fact, with leak repair in general, most corporations have to deal with multiple trades when repairing walls due to pinhole leaks.

When a pinhole leak doesn’t get properly fixed, it doesn’t just stay a pinhole forever—it gets bigger, and will lead to more expensive costs.

Instead, we use a food grade epoxy that coats the interior walls of your leaking pipe, and what once could have been a shoddy plumbing leak repair is now a good-as-new pipe that’s stronger and tougher than it was before!

With this technology, first certified by the US Navy in the 1980’s, your coated pipes will be rehabilitated with a 50 year design life span —so you can have peace of mind that that leak is gone for good!

CPL Tech takes health and safety concerns seriously. We know that your number one concern is having a safe environment, with safe drinking water for your family, tenants, and co-workers. That is why we have worked hard to become the best pipe liner in Toronto, using only the safest and most effective materials available.

All of the materials used by our pipeline company are certified compliant with NSF/ANSI Standard 61. It is this industry standard that was set by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and the American National Standards institute (ANSI) which determines what types of epoxies are safe for use around potable water. Any epoxy provided by a pipe lining company, whether used for faucets, water pipes, plumbing materials, or any other water system, must comply with this standard.

This standard means that there are no health hazards associated with the use of the epoxy in question. Aside from the material itself being safe, it is also certified to prevent harmful chemicals from leaching into the drinking water after many years of use.

The materials that CPL uses have undergone rigorous testing and also receive regular audits to ensure ongoing quality control. This epoxy has an estimated 100 year life expectancy, and was developed by the U.S. Navy. It has been in use since the 1980’s, originally by the U.S. government and now for commercial use as well.

Aside from NSF/ANSI compliance, CPL also supports and complies with standards and best practices set out by the American Water Works Association and the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials.

CPL’s epoxy is UL certified safe to NSF/ANSI Standard 61. The epoxy has been successfully applicated by installers since the mid-1980s for the U.S. government and in domestic, commercial, industrial, and other applications. Testing engineers estimate the life expectancy of the epoxy is roughly 100 years.

NSF. National Sanitation Foundation: Since 1944, the NSF has certified products and written standards that help protect food, water, air,and consumer goods. They are an independent, not-for-profit organization.

Potable water coatings must be NSF-61 approved and certified by the National Sanitation Foundation.

ANSI. American National Standard Institute: A private, non-profit organization (501(c)3) that administers and coordinates the U.S. voluntary standardization and conformity assessment system

AWWA. American Water Works Association is an international nonprofit scientific and educational society dedicated to the improvement of drinking water quality and supply.

IAPMO. International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials serves the plumbing and mechanical communities around the world. This includes development of the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC).

With over 40 years of combined experience, passion for excellence, and desire to make our customers lives easier—not make their wallets thinner—we’re the trusted, professional team you want to come fix your leaks. We’ll give you the best options, the most affordable solutions, and the eco-friendly, sustainable practices that will keep your investment in great condition for many years to come.

There’s no need to settle for a daunting “quick fix” plumbing repair when you can get great affordable pipe rejuvenation from Canadian Pipeline Technologies. Whether it’s a full sewer line in need of repair, or indoor plumbing systems that need desperate attention, we’ll make sure to use the smart methods that won’t destroy your property, will restore your potable water and domestic hot water system, and keep your high rise plumbers at arm’s length from your building.

Don’t hesitate, call CPL today for the pinhole leak solutions that will instill peace of mind for you and your owners!

Frequently Asked Questions About Pipe Lining Projects & Pinhole Leak Solutions
Very simple…….We were a professional re-pipe company who adopted pipe lining and had all the systems in front of us to choose from, we didn’t have to be married and obligated to one system because we want to call it our own. Our priority was offering our clients the BEST system in the world and with our clients needs in mind, and after thousands of dollars in research, we CHOSE the most successful system in the world.
Like painting over a rusted car the new paint will flake off and not adhere. Our system is the ONLY system that uses sand blasting to clean the interior of your pipes.
A simple system of lining sections of your pipes and understanding how the epoxy rides the air completely covering the pipe, basically wherever the air flows the epoxy will follow.
Millions and millions of dollars have been spent by all pipe lining companies around the world to ensure the epoxy is completely safe. Government testing and approvals from all major health and safety associations are a must.
We have seen as little as 15% and as high as 30% savings, and all without having to replace copper with copper. Once the new copper is in and water is restored, erosion starts instantly.
Our system involves cleaning the interior of the pipe with an abrasive sand much like sand blasting a car before giving it a paint job. This ensures an anchor tooth for the epoxy to adhere to the pipe.


  • From start to finish, the renovation of our hot water domestic distribution system took approximately 6 weeks. Minimum disruption was caused to our unit owners, communication was important to both sides, and for our unit owners the entire process was neat and tidy. CPL went out of their way in correcting plumbing errors and working from as built plans that weren’t always where things should have been.
    Malcolm Broadbent, Director of Building Maintenance – MTCC#600


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