How Epoxy Pipe Lining Works

Epoxy Lining, the safest, non intrusive and permanent solution to your Pipeline Coating needs. As pipes age, they become subject to wear and tear. They develop weak spots, which can result in small leaks throughout the system. They can also gradually become unsafe, and eventually a failure may occur, causing flooding and water damage over a large area. This can happen both throughout a home, as well as throughout commercial, industrial, and high rise buildings.

When this type of damage occurs, it can be expensive, time-consuming, and disruptive to fix. Pipes must be dug up and replaced. When that occurs, the entire system becomes at-risk for new breakages and weak spots, leading to further failures and leaks that must then be addressed.

At CPL, we understand that you do not want your plumbing to disrupt your life. That is why we offer pipeline coating solutions that are safe, effective, and affordable for restoring your plumbing system. Our solutions are applied by skilled pipe liners throughout the Toronto area.

These systems involve applying a protective coating to the inside of the ageing pipes, which strengthens them and prevents leaks and failures. The coating used is safe and approved, even by the various food safety institutions throughout North America.

Best of all, the system is quick to apply and easy to install. It involves sandblasting the interior of the pipes to make them clean again. Then, the epoxy lining is injected as a pressurized air solution. It coats the pipes and strengthens them.

How PipeLining WorksAnother advantage of this method of pipe repair is that it does not create a waterfall effect that requires the repair of a succession of failing pipes over a long period of time. Often, when pinhole leaks are repaired, new ones spring up as the pressure moves on to other weak spots in the system. When we use our pipe lining methods, the entire system is strengthened, preventing further damage.

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How Pinhole Leak Repair Works?

1-Copper pipes are etched over time by chemicals used to make your water “safe to drink”. Eventually pinhole leaks occur.

2- Your pipes are sand blasted and cleaned, to be prepared for the epoxy lining process.

3- Liquid epoxy is then “shot” throughout the piping system.

4- Once the process is complete, a permanent barrier is created between your pipes and water.

Drainage and Sewer Line

1-A sewer camera reveals a blocked, breached and/or root intruded pipe.

2- Existing line is cleaned and cleared of debris with a scorpion cutting tool.

3- A CIPP Liner is pulled into place and the bladder is inflated. A seamless, impenetrable epoxy liner is installed and left to cure.

4- After curing, the bladder is removed leaving behind a structural “pipe within a pipe” that spans gaps and permanently stops root intrusion.

Save Your Time and Money With CPL’s Potable Water Restoration System

Over 40 years of proven technology capable of restoring your copper risers, giving them an excess of 50 year lifespan.
A conventional re-pipe tears your home apart! Coating your pipes from the inside means less time, less hassles and less money!
By creating a barrier between your pipes and the municipal water, your pipes are protected against future damaged.

Over 40 years of trusted technology installed by the industry’s finest!


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